System Test for GoToWebinar

Waiting for Organizer

Need to check your system out before presenting at a live event but don’t have anyone to test with? Test Your Connection Click this link: You should see the”Waiting for Organizer” message like the one below. If so, you should have no problem joining your live session.   Simply close the “Waiting for Organizer” dialog […]

Integrating GoToWebinar with Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua users can now easily integrate their email marketing automation with GoToWebinar. Watch this video for a quick introduction to the capabilities: To implement this solution all you need is a dedicated GoToWebinar account and then to install the GoToWebinar connector from the Oracle App Cloud. Coreography can still manage the webinar for you, including the set-up […]

GoToWebinar source tracking

GoToWebinar Source Tracking

Where did that registration come from? Well, now our clients using GoToWebinar for their events know! All you need to do is append the source as a variable to your registration URL. For example, if your registration link is: then add the following to your link: ?source=tag where tag represents your source value. So the final […]

Learn how to drive more webinar registrations

Need a larger webinar audience? Start using video on your landing pages. The goal of your landing page is to get a registration. And there is no better way of showcasing the value of your program than a 30-60 second video that explains the benefits of attending by a presenter, moderator, or spokesperson from your company. […]

YouTube defaults to HTML5; What does this mean for Flash?

YouTube’s announcement that they were defaulting to HTML5 playback was widely reported in the tech media as the final nail in Flash’s coffin. Although this may be true long-term, Flash will still be in use for a variety of reasons for at least the next five years. Jan Ozer has an excellent article on that […]

Webinar Stories; A Cautionary Tale

Learn more about the science behind false memories"

There is a lesson for all webinar presenters in NBC news anchor Brian William’s plight.  It could happen to you! For those of you who haven’t been online or watching television for the past 3 weeks, let me bring you up-to-date. Brian Williams embellished his experiences as an Iraq war reporter, taking a few liberties with […]

Happy Birthday Circuit!

Coreography capturing webcast remote.

Unify announced their new product Circuit at the Frog Design studios in Germany. This is the culmination of years of work as Project Ansible and is a very exciting step forward in enabling better communications for the modern worker. We are proud that Unify asked us to be involved in the live product launch webcast this morning. Tune […]

Conference calls

This has got to make you smile. I think we have all been on calls like this.  My most memorable (and not in a good way) conference call experience has been on a 90 person web seminar where they used a teleconferencing bridge really meant for small meetings. The chimes as people came and went […]

Event video webcast uses Twitter and iPhone for questions and audience participation

Our new event and video webcast service can be used with the iPhone or Android device to take questions from your audience. For live events we provide a Twitter stream and the ability to submit private questions to your panelists. View this demonstration to see how it works!   Related posts: B2B Webcast Marketing – […]