Conference calls

This has got to make you smile. I think we have all been on calls like this.  My most memorable (and not in a good way) conference call experience has been on a 90 person web seminar where they used a teleconferencing bridge really meant for small meetings. The chimes as people came and went […]

Event video webcast uses Twitter and iPhone for questions and audience participation

Our new event and video webcast service can be used with the iPhone or Android device to take questions from your audience. For live events we provide a Twitter stream and the ability to submit private questions to your panelists. View this demonstration to see how it works!  

Conference Seminar Webcasting Simplified

Live Webcast with Audience Questions

Our new video webcast solution makes it easy to deliver a conference or seminar on the web and take questions from the audience.  Where you want to encourage drive-by viewing, visitors can access the player anonymously. Then they can choose to submit questions via Twitter or through the private question feature shown below: To simplify […]

Webcast Player Improves Events and Seminars

Coreography Webcast Player with Twitter

We have been very busy improving our existing services and adding new capabilities, and I wanted to give you a glimpse of what is coming.  Below is a sneak-peak of our new live video webcast player. It  supports both Flash and Silverlight Video,  and is configurable to suit both internal corporate webcasts as well as […]

Getting Mindshare Online – Content Marketing Enabled with Video


Reading this recent post at the Web Guild made me realize just how important capturing your events and presentations and getting them online is to your marketing efforts. Traditional, interruption marketing is becoming less and less effective as buyers go online to gather information, educate themselves and find recommendations. In order to be found marketers […]

Marketing Video – What Does It Cost


I had a very enjoyable evening last night as a panelist on the SVAMA’s “Integrating Video Into Your Marketing” event. There was an enthusiastic and attentive audience as Jeff Severtson delivered his presentation that showcased how Adobe uses video in its marketing. Then the panel took questions from the audience and we had a good […]

Webinar Invitation Writing – Five Tips

Econsultancy Digital Marketers

Econsultancy has a very good article about how marketers can make it easier for consumers to make purchasing decision. You can see the parallel with your webinar invitations. After all, they are a mini-purchasing decision in themselves – your attendees are paying with their time. So if you keep these points in mind when crafting […]

Live Conference Recordings

SVAMA Website

In addition to our commercial work webcasting live conferences, we also record the Silicon Valley American Marketing Association’s panel events for on-demand viewing. The SVAMA makes these archives available to the public from their website (pictured below). You can view the event clips on YouTube by clicking here or on the website image.